Frequently Asked Questions

 What is different about a veterinary house call?
When the Veterinarian comes to you, there is no crowded, noisy waiting room to make your pets feel anxious or fearful. You won't have to struggle to get your cat in the carrier. You don't have to fight with tangled leashes, or carsick animals. You and your pet will be more relaxed because your home is a familiar environment without exposure to other pets and their illness. An in-home Veterinary consultation also adds convenience and access to care in the event that it is difficult for you or your pet to travel to a Veterinary clinic for non-emergency services. With a house call you get more time with the veterinarian. In a typical practice setting you will see the vet for 5-10 minutes of your visit. With a house call you have the vet's undivided attention focused on you and your pets.

What do I need to do to prepare for a house call?
Please confine your cat to a small room or bathroom at least an hour prior to your appointment time to keep them from running off and hiding in some unknown location, cats are masters at knowing when something out of the ordinary is going to happen. Also, due to the inherent nature of a mobile Veterinary practice and road hazards that may occur, please allot for a window of time approximately 15-30 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment time for delays. We will call you if we will arrive more than 5 minutes early or if delayed more than 15 minutes.       

What if I have an emergency or my pet needs surgery?

As a mobile practice we are not able to offer emergency services. We do offer surgical procedures on mobile unit, however we are limited in the scope of what we can handle on mobile unit.  We currently work with a local full service Veterinary facility for when your pet needs more care than we can provide.  In the event of a medical or surgical emergency with your pet, we recommend the following Veterinary clinics that are fully equipped and staffed 24 hours a day to treat medical and surgical emergencies: 

Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners

(615) 333-1212

3020 Mallory Lane 

Franklin, TN 37067 

Nashville Veterinary Specialists

(615) 386-0107

2971 Sidco Dr 

Nashville, Tennessee 37204

How much does a visit cost?

The honest answer is it depends on what your pet needs.  

  • Check out our services page for more information

I  believe preventative care is extremely important for our pets to live  long happy lives, therefor, I offer wellness packages that include all  of the recommended care your pet needs on an yearly basis at a  discounted rate.  Additionally, I want to make your life easier,  therefor I offer discounts on additional pets seen during the same house  call.